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Sherlock post

Oh right, I haven't posted since Sherlock.

So, I gave in and watched BBC Sherlock. Soo glad I did! It is a perfect series. Except for the length. I was surprised when I found out that there was only six episodes and I thought, how can there be such a large fandom over so little stuff?

I watched the first episode online. I was in love with it the second it came on. PSTD, yes please! The actors are brilliant, seriously. And I might ship John/Sherlock. hehe.

I am dying waiting for season 3. I was almost crying during Reichenbach. The rooftop, then Moriarty and Sherlock, and the fall... I can't. I think I might have screamed at the very last scene. How the fuck did that happen? When can I find out? :_(

So, John/Sherlock. I knew lots of people shipped them before I watched it so I was sort of in that mindset but I still didn't want to atomatically ship them. I mean, guys can be friends without being each others boyfriend. 
But this relationship... it is so deep. I can see them, together until they are old. The show also keeps shoving it into our faces too and they are so perfect and cute that I ship them. No regrets. It doesn't have to be on the show though. And I don't mind if they don't have sex. That part is optional. But I don't mind a bit of fluff!

I would love to see what Sherlock and Mycroft were like when they were younger. It must've been hell to raise the two of them ;) 
I do like to think Mycroft looks out for Sherlock and cares for him, despite what he says.

Oh, I got the first season on DVD when I was in Dublin this weekend! So excited to watch it! It has a commentary on the first and last episodes, yay, and the unaired pilot! I so want the second season too though. The Hounds of Baskerville is my favourite episode. 

Hmm... can't think of much else to add so I'll leave it at this. I might make a list of fanfic recommendations. I like kid!lock. Oh! and potter!lock!!! Sherlock is such a Ravenclaw, I can't believe some people make him a Slytherin. I guess I can sort of see it, but he is much more of a Raven. And John is a Hufflepuff. No doubt.