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A Monster in Paris.

Mom and Dad have gone to England to watch some tennis this weekend so I'm left to look after the boys. It's not that hard. They just do whatever. In all fairness, we're pretty well behaved kids. And all we have to do is cook dinner if we're hungry and put out the bins tomorrow. 

I have caught up on most of my fic and watching the Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes season 1. 

We watched a movie last night, A Monster in Paris. I really like that movie and all the characters and music and everything. I wish there was a fandom for it like the Lorax fandom. I actually want to write fanfiction and headcanons and everything for this movie. It is really well made.

And Raoul's hair is fabulous. And Emile is a cutie pie. And ugh I love this movie.