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My school is apparently getting a library. Not a big one, but we can still borrow books ( I think). I would be so excited for this, because it was one of the things I was excited for when coming into secondary school. But there is one small problem. 

We have to bring in the books. 

I don't like giving away books. Who knows, I mIght reread them. Besides I'm the one that bought them and paid money for them, like hell I'm just going to give them away. Well, let's see what books in my pile I might consider giving away. 

... eh couldn't be bothered getting out of bed. 

On a completely different topic, I want to watch the Penguins of Madagascar. I looked up the whole of next week and it's not one once. I just want to see King Juilen. Sigh. Maybe it's one the internet somewhere. Of course it is, it's the Internet! 

And Thundercats, where did that go? I don't thhink we got the episode Between Brothers. :( and I want to watch house of Anubis. And MLP: FiM to see what all the fuss is about. 

My New Years Resolution is to write everyday. And so far I'm doing it. Yay! Most are short stories with ghosts. Lots n lots of ghosts. And some Niko and Lily. I need to make them a bit more dysfunctional and angsty. All they do is have fun and mess around. Oh, I should make Alicia come back!

In a few years time I'll come back and read this and wonder wtf are these characters.  

I just realised that I didn't make a post about Christmas. Here's a quick rundown of what I got. 

1. Bop-it
2. Paints that are really hard to use
3. An art book with nudity  D:
4. The new Coldplay which Ive been listening to everyday practically. Para para paradise~
5. This iPhone which I DID NOT NEED I seriously can't concentrate On anything because the internet is like in my pOcket. :/

Books I want to reread:
1. Scorpio races
2. Stolen
3. Shiver triology