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So on Sunday I went on this big ride in the Sandpit. Without Diarmuid because he wouldn't be ready for it at all. There were so many jumps! :( I don't like jumping, though I think I got better at it near the end. But not before I fell off. I'm still stiff from it. ugg… But that was only because Pukkie was going too fast. 

A worse one was when we were jumping out a river and my horse veered off the the left and because I was getting ready for the jump I fell all over the place on the saddle. Luckily Pukkie is an amazing horse and found another way to get out. I can't believe I didn't fall off there. That was worse than when I actually fell off!

There were around 190 people there with horse riding. (Ugh i cant write fo' shite today) I got all muddy! It was about 2 hours long. One of the rivers we went to at the end of the ride to wash off our pony's was very deep. It nearly went into my boot. It went into Zara's definatly. 


I am an awful artist. We were drawing full bodys today in art and I failed. tearsforever. Usually I'm like whatever this is good with what I draw but it kept on failing. I need a lighter pencil, or to just draw lighter. The arm would never be right and I redrew it like five times. It was better than my last attempt though so I guess pratice makes perfect! Hopefully!


So I watch My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. Just the first five episodes. And the first four episodes of season 2. I think I prefer season 2 so far because of Discord. And Luna. And Twilight going crazy. I'm going to watch all the episodes in order. I wouldn't say I'm a brony but it's okay so far. 
In Applebuck Season everyone was against AppleJack. I know she should've gotten help with the harvesting but the thing with Rainbow wasn't her fault. She fell down really far onto the ground like, 5 times and all Rainbow Dash could do was complain? Bitch. And then when she does launch her she isn't ready and Twilight complains about it. Wasn't that what Dash wanted? To be launched into the air by the catapult? Ef her. She was never my favourite pony anyway. Plus her voice is annoying. She got better in the next episode, but I still don't like her.

PS. Luna is the best pony ever.
And for shit and giggles, my favourite ponys in order:
1.) Fluttershy
2.)Twilight Sparkle
3.)Pinkie Pie
4.)Apple Jack
6.)Rainbow Dash