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I have loads and loads of characters in my mind. It's kinda like fandoms, I cycle through there stories. Well, not really stories as I don't have plots but well, their lives and interactions.

When I was younger I would play pretend, but not with out people because they were always so powerful and perfect and even back then I hated Mary-Sues. One that sticks out to me the most is where almost 1,000 children were adopted lived in our house and we played there and had fun. 

And now I'm thinking about it again and I'm realizing that it's a metaphor for my mind. I wouldn't know everyone in the house but I knew they were there. Now, there are all this characters in my mind but I know that I can create more and there is always room for them. 

It's funny to think of everone living together. All my stories are so differnt its funny to think of how they'd all react with each other. And the Danny Phantom cast. hehe

I actually have this crossover with Niko and Lily(two of my character and my OTP) and Danny Phantom.

Niko meets Danny, Sam and Tucker in the Nasty Burger (something along the lines of DCMH) and know that Danny is a halfa because of course he would considering he's magical and the magic community would know about half ghosts. He's going across the country looking for Lily because of reasons. And then Lily enters the NAsty Burger and suddenly it's a romance film and they kiss dramtically and Danny and co. are like, who dat?

…I bet you have no idea who Lily an Niko are. Well, I couldn't be bothered telling you know. I don't even know who I'm talking to. 

Right now I am listening to Children by Robert Miles on loop. It's such and awesome song.