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Feb. 29th, 2012

Quick journal should be quick. 
In maths mr Twomey told the funniest joke ever. Joe, a guy in my class, was having trouble saying the answer. So sir said, "Mark,  get your hands out from under the table. Joe is getting a little excited."
Everyone laughed for a full minute at least. Omg. They must feel. Dry embarrassed though. 
I have two Percy Jackson oc. One is called Heather(daughter of Hades) the other is Hazel (daughter of Demeter). Now, I haven't read the new series The LostHero yet but today I was reading about it on tv tropes. Guess who one of the main characters is called in the Son of Neptune. Hazel. Daughter of Hades. It's like Rick Roirdan somehow read my mind and combined two of my characters into one. I was really sad when I found out because I would be called a copycat and unoriginal for copying the names of on of the characters. But it's not like I'm ever going to pat them so now big deal. :)
Ps. Giving up laptop for lent. Must make do with crappy iPhone.