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The Lorax Fandom

So it's been a while.

A couple of months ago I joined the Lorax fandom. Well, it's really the Once-ler fandom haha. Loads of people made askblogs about the Once-ler, a character in the children's movie 'The Lorax.' It's based on a book by Dr. Suess. 

So anyway, there are a shitton of askblogs with different versions of the Once-ler. They all interact with each other so it can be confusing if you're new. But they all have different personalities and stuff.

My favourites are: ask-swag-once-ler.tumblr.com one-ler.tumblr.com bitteronceler.tumblr.com the-blind-once-ler.tumblr.com lq-ler.tumblr.com etc.

There is only so much you can do with the normal askblogs. So, people made au of them. So far there have been three: Camp Weehawken, Thneedville High and Ground Zero:Thneedville.

The first is an au where all the askblogs go to a summer camp. Find out more here. It was really fun and cute. Then, Thneedville high is just a highschool au. one-ler is class-cannibal, swag uses his original account and bitter is teenangstbitter. They are the main three doing it and again it's just for fun, they do lots of magic!anons and stuff.

They are both very different from the zombie au. Oh god the zombie au. They main players are swag, rocky, entre, one, bitter, bp and ted.
Now this is a proper story. Entre made a new truffula tree that basically causes an infectio that turnes people and animals into zombies. This might be more helpful. I don't know much about zombies but this au still rips out my heart. 

Entre is going slightly crazy because he started this whole thing and he feels guilty. Swag is bulletproof (not litterlay) zombie bites don't affect him, so in private he gives his blood to Audrey to try and find a cure. But he still his old self, wrecking shit with Rocky. One is half turned into a zombie and still eats people. So is Ted (minus the whole eating people)(I think). 

But Bitter. Oh, Bitter. He got bit by a zombie Barbarloot and tried to hide it. He tried so hard to hold onto his sanity. He trusts Entre so much that he allows him to decide what to do with him. He know Entre will find a cure. It's so sad to see Bitter finally have hope, if not for himself but for everyone else. 
Entre killed him yesterday before he became a mindless zombie.
This is Bitter's last post alive.
Here is how he died. 

And I... I can't. I know this was going to happen but I can;t deal eith it. lsdhflewd. I know this is a fin=ctional character but still. bitter.

the corn can were the people at camp. you're realtionships with them are destoyrd. 

I was going to talk about the shipping too but I'm too sad. There's an ache in my chest. Bitter, you will be missed.
even though you have two other blogs.

A Monster in Paris.

Mom and Dad have gone to England to watch some tennis this weekend so I'm left to look after the boys. It's not that hard. They just do whatever. In all fairness, we're pretty well behaved kids. And all we have to do is cook dinner if we're hungry and put out the bins tomorrow. 

I have caught up on most of my fic and watching the Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes season 1. 

We watched a movie last night, A Monster in Paris. I really like that movie and all the characters and music and everything. I wish there was a fandom for it like the Lorax fandom. I actually want to write fanfiction and headcanons and everything for this movie. It is really well made.

And Raoul's hair is fabulous. And Emile is a cutie pie. And ugh I love this movie. 

Sherlock post

Oh right, I haven't posted since Sherlock.

Sher <3Collapse )

Feb. 29th, 2012

Quick journal should be quick. 
In maths mr Twomey told the funniest joke ever. Joe, a guy in my class, was having trouble saying the answer. So sir said, "Mark,  get your hands out from under the table. Joe is getting a little excited."
Everyone laughed for a full minute at least. Omg. They must feel. Dry embarrassed though. 
I have two Percy Jackson oc. One is called Heather(daughter of Hades) the other is Hazel (daughter of Demeter). Now, I haven't read the new series The LostHero yet but today I was reading about it on tv tropes. Guess who one of the main characters is called in the Son of Neptune. Hazel. Daughter of Hades. It's like Rick Roirdan somehow read my mind and combined two of my characters into one. I was really sad when I found out because I would be called a copycat and unoriginal for copying the names of on of the characters. But it's not like I'm ever going to pat them so now big deal. :)
Ps. Giving up laptop for lent. Must make do with crappy iPhone. 


I have loads and loads of characters in my mind. It's kinda like fandoms, I cycle through there stories. Well, not really stories as I don't have plots but well, their lives and interactions.

When I was younger I would play pretend, but not with out people because they were always so powerful and perfect and even back then I hated Mary-Sues. One that sticks out to me the most is where almost 1,000 children were adopted lived in our house and we played there and had fun. 

And now I'm thinking about it again and I'm realizing that it's a metaphor for my mind. I wouldn't know everyone in the house but I knew they were there. Now, there are all this characters in my mind but I know that I can create more and there is always room for them. 

It's funny to think of everone living together. All my stories are so differnt its funny to think of how they'd all react with each other. And the Danny Phantom cast. hehe

I actually have this crossover with Niko and Lily(two of my character and my OTP) and Danny Phantom.

Niko meets Danny, Sam and Tucker in the Nasty Burger (something along the lines of DCMH) and know that Danny is a halfa because of course he would considering he's magical and the magic community would know about half ghosts. He's going across the country looking for Lily because of reasons. And then Lily enters the NAsty Burger and suddenly it's a romance film and they kiss dramtically and Danny and co. are like, who dat?

…I bet you have no idea who Lily an Niko are. Well, I couldn't be bothered telling you know. I don't even know who I'm talking to. 

Right now I am listening to Children by Robert Miles on loop. It's such and awesome song. 

So on Sunday I went on this big ride in the Sandpit. Without Diarmuid because he wouldn't be ready for it at all. There were so many jumps! :( I don't like jumping, though I think I got better at it near the end. But not before I fell off. I'm still stiff from it. ugg… But that was only because Pukkie was going too fast. 

A worse one was when we were jumping out a river and my horse veered off the the left and because I was getting ready for the jump I fell all over the place on the saddle. Luckily Pukkie is an amazing horse and found another way to get out. I can't believe I didn't fall off there. That was worse than when I actually fell off!

There were around 190 people there with horse riding. (Ugh i cant write fo' shite today) I got all muddy! It was about 2 hours long. One of the rivers we went to at the end of the ride to wash off our pony's was very deep. It nearly went into my boot. It went into Zara's definatly. 


I am an awful artist. We were drawing full bodys today in art and I failed. tearsforever. Usually I'm like whatever this is good with what I draw but it kept on failing. I need a lighter pencil, or to just draw lighter. The arm would never be right and I redrew it like five times. It was better than my last attempt though so I guess pratice makes perfect! Hopefully!


So I watch My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. Just the first five episodes. And the first four episodes of season 2. I think I prefer season 2 so far because of Discord. And Luna. And Twilight going crazy. I'm going to watch all the episodes in order. I wouldn't say I'm a brony but it's okay so far. 
In Applebuck Season everyone was against AppleJack. I know she should've gotten help with the harvesting but the thing with Rainbow wasn't her fault. She fell down really far onto the ground like, 5 times and all Rainbow Dash could do was complain? Bitch. And then when she does launch her she isn't ready and Twilight complains about it. Wasn't that what Dash wanted? To be launched into the air by the catapult? Ef her. She was never my favourite pony anyway. Plus her voice is annoying. She got better in the next episode, but I still don't like her.

PS. Luna is the best pony ever.
And for shit and giggles, my favourite ponys in order:
1.) Fluttershy
2.)Twilight Sparkle
3.)Pinkie Pie
4.)Apple Jack
6.)Rainbow Dash

Dear mom...

Why on Earth would I even want to go downstairs? I've got everything I need up here. And I don't spend all my time in my room. Wait a minute... Oh. Ive spent like an hour and a half writing. Well whatever. What would I even do in the sitting room. The tv is broken. I've got my books, notebooks, iPhone, beanbag, he'll even a tv! Why would I want to go downstairs except for maybe food. Damn. Now I'm hungry now. But I'm not doing anything until I finish this fucking story. Which I should be doing... right...now... Sorry I've got to go. 
My school is apparently getting a library. Not a big one, but we can still borrow books ( I think). I would be so excited for this, because it was one of the things I was excited for when coming into secondary school. But there is one small problem. 

We have to bring in the books. 

I don't like giving away books. Who knows, I mIght reread them. Besides I'm the one that bought them and paid money for them, like hell I'm just going to give them away. Well, let's see what books in my pile I might consider giving away. 

... eh couldn't be bothered getting out of bed. 

On a completely different topic, I want to watch the Penguins of Madagascar. I looked up the whole of next week and it's not one once. I just want to see King Juilen. Sigh. Maybe it's one the internet somewhere. Of course it is, it's the Internet! 

And Thundercats, where did that go? I don't thhink we got the episode Between Brothers. :( and I want to watch house of Anubis. And MLP: FiM to see what all the fuss is about. 

My New Years Resolution is to write everyday. And so far I'm doing it. Yay! Most are short stories with ghosts. Lots n lots of ghosts. And some Niko and Lily. I need to make them a bit more dysfunctional and angsty. All they do is have fun and mess around. Oh, I should make Alicia come back!

In a few years time I'll come back and read this and wonder wtf are these characters.  

I just realised that I didn't make a post about Christmas. Here's a quick rundown of what I got. 

1. Bop-it
2. Paints that are really hard to use
3. An art book with nudity  D:
4. The new Coldplay which Ive been listening to everyday practically. Para para paradise~
5. This iPhone which I DID NOT NEED I seriously can't concentrate On anything because the internet is like in my pOcket. :/

Books I want to reread:
1. Scorpio races
2. Stolen
3. Shiver triology

An original piece of writing

Oh look, another post. This time I have something that I wrote. It's really short but I wanted to share

So without further ado, here it is. 

by Rachel

You stand atop the roof. I know what you are thinking, what you came here to do. 

"Please," I say, even though you can't hear me, even now. You look down towards your chosen end. I beg for you not to let go. 

I walk up closer to you, hoping it would help, knew it would not. I place an ethereal had on your shoulder. The city buzzes beneath us. Yellow taxis and buses and an assortment of cars pass, not knowing what could happen in the next few minutes. 

You're face is pained. You don't really want this to be you're end but you think this is the only choice you have. I know it is because of me that you're up here. Then you harden your face in determination. 

"Tessa," you say softly. "I'm coming for you." you take a deep breathe and step off. 

"NO!" I scream. Did you not know that I was already with you? You were leaving me. I was stuck here to wander the earth. 

I jump after you. I grab onto your filthy shirt and never want to let go. Tears are falling and I can hear you mutter a mantra of "I'm coming for you Tessa, I'm coming." 

Your are scared. I can feel it. I whisper stories into your ear, stories of what could have been. Stories about our lost future. 

There are people below us watching our descent. I hear an ambulance's siren crawling closer. 

When we hit the ground I feel nothing. But you, you scream. Even if you get through this I doubt that you would still walk. By I hold onto the hope that you are still alive. You have to be. I played a big part in why you are here barely moving, not a sound coming from you after that first yell. 

People are coming closer. The ambulance has arrived and they carry you in. I can't stay but remember this. 

I love you, Edmund. 
Today is not my day. 

So after the thing with Paul ( who turned out to be fine) I went into the kitchen to show Trishaws my new iPhone. Great. Until I opened my Internet. And the proceeded to open my history. Which had multiple pages on transgender. 

I have been reading a transgender fanfiction for the last few days because I read this really good penguins of Madagascar one where king julien in actually a girl. Then I read some Harry Potter ones. 

All that is great until someone finds out about it. 

I don't know what Trish and Dad are thinking now. at first I was really worried on case they got the wrong idea. But then I realised, it's their fault for thinking it of they are. Sure I'm not the most over the top girly girl in the world but I still am one. And if anyone asks me questions about it (even though I know they won't) I'll just say I was just looking it up. That I heard about it and I wanted to know what it is. 

I feel so much better now that I have a plan. 

Oh, and here are the links to those fanfictions. 

Title: Princess 
Author: Laburnum Steelfang
fandom: The Penguins of Madagadcar
link: http://fanfiction.net/s/6715281/1/
Summary: Certain secrets of Julien's come to light. Deals with FTM transgender issues - sorry for blatant spoiler, I'm trying to forestall flames here. No pairings.
Thoughts: Really great. Nice and short. I love everything julienne went through and I am so glad that he has Maurice. 

Title: The Mirror Lied
 Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/ hermione
link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/208664?view_adult=true

When you've always known you like girls, it's easy to grow up believing you were really meant to be a boy. After all, that's the way the world works, isn't it? Boys like girls. Girls like boys. If you like girls, you must be a boy, especially if you were born with the bits boys have.

Everyone reminded Draco he was a boy as he grew. The first born son. The much awaited and desired son. The son and heir. His masculinity was celebrated.

Which is why it took so long for Draco to realize he wasn’t a man at all.
Thoughts: very nice. Short and sweet. The Draco/Hermione was done very well and believablely.