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September 9th, 2012

The Lorax Fandom

So it's been a while.

A couple of months ago I joined the Lorax fandom. Well, it's really the Once-ler fandom haha. Loads of people made askblogs about the Once-ler, a character in the children's movie 'The Lorax.' It's based on a book by Dr. Suess. 

So anyway, there are a shitton of askblogs with different versions of the Once-ler. They all interact with each other so it can be confusing if you're new. But they all have different personalities and stuff.

My favourites are: ask-swag-once-ler.tumblr.com one-ler.tumblr.com bitteronceler.tumblr.com the-blind-once-ler.tumblr.com lq-ler.tumblr.com etc.

There is only so much you can do with the normal askblogs. So, people made au of them. So far there have been three: Camp Weehawken, Thneedville High and Ground Zero:Thneedville.

The first is an au where all the askblogs go to a summer camp. Find out more here. It was really fun and cute. Then, Thneedville high is just a highschool au. one-ler is class-cannibal, swag uses his original account and bitter is teenangstbitter. They are the main three doing it and again it's just for fun, they do lots of magic!anons and stuff.

They are both very different from the zombie au. Oh god the zombie au. They main players are swag, rocky, entre, one, bitter, bp and ted.
Now this is a proper story. Entre made a new truffula tree that basically causes an infectio that turnes people and animals into zombies. This might be more helpful. I don't know much about zombies but this au still rips out my heart. 

Entre is going slightly crazy because he started this whole thing and he feels guilty. Swag is bulletproof (not litterlay) zombie bites don't affect him, so in private he gives his blood to Audrey to try and find a cure. But he still his old self, wrecking shit with Rocky. One is half turned into a zombie and still eats people. So is Ted (minus the whole eating people)(I think). 

But Bitter. Oh, Bitter. He got bit by a zombie Barbarloot and tried to hide it. He tried so hard to hold onto his sanity. He trusts Entre so much that he allows him to decide what to do with him. He know Entre will find a cure. It's so sad to see Bitter finally have hope, if not for himself but for everyone else. 
Entre killed him yesterday before he became a mindless zombie.
This is Bitter's last post alive.
Here is how he died. 

And I... I can't. I know this was going to happen but I can;t deal eith it. lsdhflewd. I know this is a fin=ctional character but still. bitter.

the corn can were the people at camp. you're realtionships with them are destoyrd. 

I was going to talk about the shipping too but I'm too sad. There's an ache in my chest. Bitter, you will be missed.
even though you have two other blogs.