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Today is not my day. 

So after the thing with Paul ( who turned out to be fine) I went into the kitchen to show Trishaws my new iPhone. Great. Until I opened my Internet. And the proceeded to open my history. Which had multiple pages on transgender. 

I have been reading a transgender fanfiction for the last few days because I read this really good penguins of Madagascar one where king julien in actually a girl. Then I read some Harry Potter ones. 

All that is great until someone finds out about it. 

I don't know what Trish and Dad are thinking now. at first I was really worried on case they got the wrong idea. But then I realised, it's their fault for thinking it of they are. Sure I'm not the most over the top girly girl in the world but I still am one. And if anyone asks me questions about it (even though I know they won't) I'll just say I was just looking it up. That I heard about it and I wanted to know what it is. 

I feel so much better now that I have a plan. 

Oh, and here are the links to those fanfictions. 

Title: Princess 
Author: Laburnum Steelfang
fandom: The Penguins of Madagadcar
link: http://fanfiction.net/s/6715281/1/
Summary: Certain secrets of Julien's come to light. Deals with FTM transgender issues - sorry for blatant spoiler, I'm trying to forestall flames here. No pairings.
Thoughts: Really great. Nice and short. I love everything julienne went through and I am so glad that he has Maurice. 

Title: The Mirror Lied
 Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/ hermione
link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/208664?view_adult=true

When you've always known you like girls, it's easy to grow up believing you were really meant to be a boy. After all, that's the way the world works, isn't it? Boys like girls. Girls like boys. If you like girls, you must be a boy, especially if you were born with the bits boys have.

Everyone reminded Draco he was a boy as he grew. The first born son. The much awaited and desired son. The son and heir. His masculinity was celebrated.

Which is why it took so long for Draco to realize he wasn’t a man at all.
Thoughts: very nice. Short and sweet. The Draco/Hermione was done very well and believablely.