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An original piece of writing

Oh look, another post. This time I have something that I wrote. It's really short but I wanted to share

So without further ado, here it is. 

by Rachel

You stand atop the roof. I know what you are thinking, what you came here to do. 

"Please," I say, even though you can't hear me, even now. You look down towards your chosen end. I beg for you not to let go. 

I walk up closer to you, hoping it would help, knew it would not. I place an ethereal had on your shoulder. The city buzzes beneath us. Yellow taxis and buses and an assortment of cars pass, not knowing what could happen in the next few minutes. 

You're face is pained. You don't really want this to be you're end but you think this is the only choice you have. I know it is because of me that you're up here. Then you harden your face in determination. 

"Tessa," you say softly. "I'm coming for you." you take a deep breathe and step off. 

"NO!" I scream. Did you not know that I was already with you? You were leaving me. I was stuck here to wander the earth. 

I jump after you. I grab onto your filthy shirt and never want to let go. Tears are falling and I can hear you mutter a mantra of "I'm coming for you Tessa, I'm coming." 

Your are scared. I can feel it. I whisper stories into your ear, stories of what could have been. Stories about our lost future. 

There are people below us watching our descent. I hear an ambulance's siren crawling closer. 

When we hit the ground I feel nothing. But you, you scream. Even if you get through this I doubt that you would still walk. By I hold onto the hope that you are still alive. You have to be. I played a big part in why you are here barely moving, not a sound coming from you after that first yell. 

People are coming closer. The ambulance has arrived and they carry you in. I can't stay but remember this. 

I love you, Edmund.