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Jan. 8th, 2012

My brother is curled up in a ball in the other room crying and whenever I ask him a question he shakes his head vigarously. What should I do. Diamuid says to leave him alone but I never do that I always try to make things easier for Paul if he gets hurt. My usual way of doing things has failed what should I do?

Toy Story triology

Paul got the Toy Story trilogy for Christmas and we watched it yesterday and today. I love it! I can't help but think of my toys and if they're alive after watching it. 

The first movie was really really good. The humans in it looked so wierd though. And creepy. I kinda love how Woody freaked out about everything. Especially Buzz. I love how jealos he was. And Buzz was amazing and such a large ham. Po Beep was nice. I didn't really remember her but her and Woody were cute! But I feel that she was just there as a love interest. 

I love how every toy had a different personality, and flaws. It made them more real. Hell, they even looked more real tha some of the people! 
I was so sad when Buzz found out he was just a toy. :(

He's not flying guys, he's falling with style!

I missed the first half hour because I was reading Beastly so I don't have much to say about it. I think it's the weakest in the triology. Jeessie was nicce, and so was Bullseye. And I liked Stinky Pete's punihment. Well, it's definatly better than Lotso's. I love Buzz's reaction to the other Buzz. It's hilarious.The bloopers at the end are so funny! 

Toy Story 3, imo is the best. By far. Lotso was just… And Ken/Barbie is my OTP of this seiries. Along with Buzz/Jessie. That is so frickin cute. Wait a  minute, SpanishBuzz/Jessie is my OTP. Seriously that is ridiculously cute. And pplus I think I have a thin for Spanish dancing. It just looks so hot and intense. And I love Bonnie. And her toys. And every scene she's in perfect. And every scene with her. She is just great. And I love her British hedgehog. And her unicorn. And her hairstyle is so cute. And at the end she imagines ghosts hich is always bonus points in my book. 
The incinerator scene. omg. I thaught it was longer because in the cinemas you're like, they're not really going to die are they, are they? and then the Claw comes and you're crying tears of relief.

Okay, I have a few headcanons from browsing tv tropes(don't go there, you'll never get off)

  1. Jessie is claustrophobic.
  2. Woody was passed down from Andy's father.

I thought I had more...

I am happy today. Yesterday I had so much fun at lunch. I am so glad Stephanie doesn't have to go to music every day anymore.

History test Monday. So not prepared.

Nothing to talk about.

Kanturk Arts Festival

I've started to draw on the big sheet for the Kanturk Arts Festival. It goes on every year and there is a compition for the best painting. I got honors last year and I have no idea why, it was crap.The face was grey and the colours all ran into each other. But I'm really excited for the painting I'm doing this year.

It wil be this little girl in her bed and monsters crawling out from underneath the bed. Though to be fair, most of them are based on ghosts. ONe is ased of Spectras ghost form in Danny Phantom and others are based of the Friends From the Other Side in Princess and the Frog. It will be epic. I am so excited to do it

I had another idea, of a by and a girl flying over the countryside but I decided against doing that one. Even though my art teacher really liked that one. The one wih the monsters is just so much more interesting to me. 

We put up the Christmas tree today! It's not as good as other years but it is still awesome. I think mom wants it to be perfect beause she won't hang any of the ones we made. 

Over the weekend I went to Dublin. Usually we focuson family but instead we mostly shopped! It was great. I went to the DISNEY store. yay. Last time I was there they had a stall for just The Lion King merchendise. But this weekend they only had a Nala toy. Which I bought. I REGRET NOTHING. I'm cuddling with her right now. ^_^

I love Disney so much it's not even funny.

Sorry it's been so long! I used to update everyday. >_>

I've been reading the Scorpio Races by Maggie Stievater. She also wrote the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy which are my favorite book series ever. She is an amazing writer. 

Anyway, the Scorpio races. It's about this girl called Puck who has two brothers Gabe and Finn and Gabe is leaving the island of Thisby. Puck is upset so she decides to ride in the races so he will stay a little while longer and later to pay for house. 
Gabe is obviously upset about this because who wants their little sister riding in a race with man eating water horses who will probably kill her before the actual races. Oh, and these horses. They killed her parents. 

And then there's this boy called Sean Kendrick who speaks less than the dead and has won the races for the last four years on the red cappail uisce Corr. He really loves her and wants to buy her but Malvern won't sell him.>:( 

Malvern's son Mutt is jealous of Sean because he's better around the capaill uisce and so does lots of dasterdyly things like... not going to spoil this. But by the end of the book you're really wishing that he would just die.

So anyway Sean and Puck are riding in the races and they sort of team up together. I really really want to spoil the end so I will do it in white below.

Puck won which is awesome and she has her house and because Finn bet they have enough money for the house and Corr. Mutt is dead and Corr's leg is broken so he will never run again so Sean lets her go back to the sea which all capaill uisce want to do but he doesn't Corr FRICKING COMES BACK! And OMG I love it it is the best ending ever and Sean and Puck will live in the same house and work at the stables and have babies and HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Maggie has a way of making me think that the characters will stay together forever. And have babies. Usually I can sort of imagine it but with this book I totally can which is weird because it isn't really a romance. It's only near the end that any hint of it comes up. 

And after reading this book I really want to try drinking tea with a stick if butter in it. :) 


Okay I've got a lot to talk about! I had a busy weekend.

Read more...Collapse )

Okay on Friday was the Youth Club disco and quiz in Kanturk. Eh… It was bad. Yeah, I'll admit it. The hall was too big and no one was dancing. Everyone was just sitting on the chairs where we had the quiz. Most of the people from Kanturk went to Kilbrin. It was just me, Ciara and Chelsey from our group of people. And Ciara ignored us for the whole night so we followed her around like little lost puppies. Urg. 

When I go to a disco all I want is for someone to dance with me. Really. Just grab my arms and shake them a little bit. I love dancing but I'm crap at it. I just like moving to a rhythm.

I had an awful time deciding what to wear for the disco. I knew I was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt but my legs really bothered me. I didn't know wheter to wear black tights, skin coloured tights or bare legged. I ended up going with the last one because my skin coloured tights tore and I didn't want to wear the black ones. Oh well. I think I looked nice. Some boys from Banteer are in my class and I swear I saw them look at me as I came in. I'm not sure if I should put a smilie face after that or not. Oh I also got to use my new make up set from Ju. It's great. I love the blush. I stuck the mascara wand in my eye. Ow. My lashes are long anyway

On Saturday… we had the Youth Club Christmas Fair and Bake Sale. It was fun! Chelsey and I were at the stall with bath sets, jewellery  candles, bags, that sort of thing. We were at a very bad place because it so windy. Everything kept falling, even the tent. Something snapped in it. It was okay for a little while, I just had to hold it when it got very windy. Betty tried lots of different ways but none really worked. She got one of the boys to hold it up but then after a while he put a chair into the ground to hold it up and that worked for a while so he walked away. But then there was a huge gust of wind and the whole thing nearly collapsed on us. The metal in it bent. We then moved to under the toys tent. We got a lot more business there. 

It was freezing out there though. Seriously I could barely hold any thing. 
Eh, I can't think of anything else to talk about in the Fair. Other than neither of my parents came. >_>

On Sunday I went to see Breaking Dawn. Ee it was awesome seriously. SPOILERS SORTA! 
I love Bella's wedding dress. And her and Jacob are so perfect together it is oerfect. If Edward didn't show up they would've gotten married. Yes, I am Team Jacob. I can't help it he's great. And Bella looked so ill during her pregnacy. She is so stupid. She was actually going to die for that baby. And when Edward hurt her during sex she didn't care. I like Edward though. I love Rosalie in this film because she's so creepy. Well, not really but when she's holding Renesme for the first time She just has this look on her face and it was perfect. And I love how renesme looked in Jacob flash forward thing. She looked amazing! I always thought movies of books were bad because they ruined what I thought of the characters but she was better than I imagined! I felt like this movie could stand along. I mean it was a fairly decent ending. But I still can't wait to see the second part! Yay! I'm such a fangirl Srsly.

In my head all day I was imagining a crossover between Danny Phantom and Twilight. Dani, on her travells meets the Cullens. Well, Renesme first. And because their both girls and could be the same age when they meet and both half human they become really close friends. I don't really know what happens after that but I like the idea that they go back to Amity Park. Another really good idea I had was Rosalie, because she really wants a kid wants to adopt Dani. Dani at first likes the idea because she likes Emmett and Rosalie but when she thinks about it, it's really close to the whole Vlad situation. They both want Dani to substitute as the child they never had. So Dani declines :(

Would anyone write this for me? Am I the only one who thinks Dani and Renesmee would make great friends? Apparently. I haven't looked too much but there is nothing like this on fanfiction.net nd I don't know where else to look. So, if anyone is reading this, can you write this for me? Even a one shot woud be amazing. Thank you!

Nov. 21st, 2011

Just back from Youth Club. Have a disco Friday and the Bake Sale is on Saturday. Wait… why did I say that I'd do the half eight time slot. I am going to be shattered. Oh well, too late now.

In youth club Haley was talking about he love life. She says that she has very few friends but well, she's lying. She knows so many people. And she had four boyfriends. FOUR. She had her first boyfriend when she was 12 and he was like 16. I have only been kissed (and yes, I say kissed, not met, because it sounds more romantic) once because of peer pressure. WTF is wrong with being a fridgid? They're all trying to get Mark to meet someone even though he doesn't want to. I hate teenage drama. I know it's ironic, considering that I'm a teenager but its just stupid. I'm so glad that Stephanie isn't into that kind of stuff. I don't think she's ever met someone either. Well that suits me just fine. At lunch I just want someone to pass the time with, not bitch about other people and talk about who's the cutest n the class or whatever shit people talk about. I can't stand bitching. Let people do what they want to do and say what they want to say. I am huge on letting people be themselves. I really don't care if someone is gay or black, or if they like something I don't. People are people. That's it.

Now for  something completely different

Saturday night. I got so lucky. I planned to get up at midnight to watch some cartoons I'm too embarrassed to watch during the day. I was too tired I went to sleep. Then a car zoomed pass at 4.30 and woke me up. I got out of bed and didn't feel too tired so I decided, I'll go downstairs now. And I did. Until 7. hehe. I did go back to sleep though. Now Diarmuid, he had the same plan as I did. Apparently mom and dad went out somewhere and came back at around midnight. Diarmuid was up watching Pokemon til about one when mom and dad put hi to bed. He got up again at 3 and got caught again. I have no idea how on Earth didn't get caught but I am so glad I didn't. That would be so embarrassing. 

I watched 2 episodes of the new Thundercats. It is awesome! :D Honest to god it is amazing. I love it in case you haven't noticed. The art and plot and character designs and everything is brilliant. I think I'm going to get really involved in this fandom because a. I am actually watching it every week b. I read the crews blog (crewofomens.tumblr.com) and well I love it. I love Tygra, he is my favourite character, even though he is a bit of an ass. The kittens are so cute. I love Tygra and Lion-O's interactions and Cheetara is awesome. I don't know who to ship her with, Tygra or Lion-O. I thought it would obviously be Lion-O because, you know heroxheroine. But then in Journey to the Tower of Omens when she's running up the walls with her super speed Tygra is staring at her and Panthro says 'shut your mouth, you're drooling' and I was like <3. And now apparently Tygra knew Cheetara when they were younger. Eeee. Stupid America getting episodes before us. I could watch it online but it isn't as good.

One criticism I have about the series is that it focus' so much on Lion-O. I would love an episode about Tygra, Cheetara or the Kittens. I don't really care about Panthro as much :O.

If anyone has a good Thundercat fanfiction please send me a link. I love Lion-O and Tgyra from when the were younger.

Long post! Guess I should stop now. Stupid computer keeps freezing. Might be because I threw it on the ground my accident. Ops.

Double Post FTW

I don't really update as often anymore. Mostly because nothing interesting happens to me. Wait a minute, sometimes awesome happened to me on my way to school.


So I was just walking along, music playing in my head. I cross the road and then, halfways through, BAM. A leaf falls into my hand. A fricking leaf.

Does a happy dance.

You see, in Gingersnaps by Cathy Cassidy if you catch a leaf you get a wish. I've wanted to catch one ever since then. And look. I DID. I FRICKING DID. I'm not going to tell you my wish though or else it won't come true. hehe

I was there for like five minutes thinking, "I caught a leaf omg whatshouldIwishforwhatshouldIwishfor?"

I should have wished for something different. It had to do with real life. Who cares about that? Well, a lot of people do. But I generally don't. For age whenever I could make a wish I would wish to be a -not teling you. lol.

Yesterday in Woodwork I had to sit net to Denise and well she was crying. Because of some boring teenage s***. I am honestly glad that I don't have to deal with that stuff. It just annoying. You can't tell ayone any secrets or lse everyone will knnow. Especially if you say who you like. If you do then you're practically guaranteed that they'll know in the next 24 hours. It doesn't matter if you actually like him. He will know.

I put up the youth club poster in school I am so proud of myself whenever I pass it I feel proud I love it even though all I did was put up a poster when people were watching I did something I am interested in and other people saw I am so happy.

I'm feeling random today, how 'bout you? Haha nobody reads this. Wouldn't it be funny if someone actually did? I wonder if I can check...

PS. Check out aimyourarrowshigh. Her ff are amazing.

Til next time,

(Wow I actually signed this off)

Sunday 13 Novemeber 2011

So I was just relaxing in my room, surfing tv tropes, when all of a sudden my dad calls me downstairs. Apparntley, my dad made a desion to bring the whole family downtown to watch the Kanturk team come back from whereever the hell they were. We waited (with our dog) for 15 minutes for the team to parade down through town. When I first saw it I was like, we came down here for that? Then, like the sheep were, we followed them to Strand Street like everyone else where we listned to them give speaches for ages. It. Was. So. BORING. The worst part was that my dad just sprang it on us. Oh no, don't bother warning me, just tell me five minutes before we leave and then complain about how long we're taking. 

As I am writing this, I am in bed with my new pjamas from Ju. people are outside talking and I am tired so I'm going to sleep and I will post this tomorrow

PS. Sorry this took so long.
PPS. There will be a double post today.